Assignment 4: Preparation

1 image for each subjects, then another 4 from the same subjects or others.

1) Shape

2) Form

3) Texture

4) Colour

Exercise: Softening the light

Fluorescent light above still life with no diffuser:

The shadows are quite harsh here, this was made in purpose to more easily see the effect of the diffuser in the next shot.

With white translucent diffuser:

Although the diffuser hasn't "killed" all the shadows it did a good job at redcuing and softening them. When looking at the shadow of the string holding the flintstone we notice quite a difference with the previous shot. The shadow is much more faded. More details are now visible in dark areas. I suppose a greater distance to the light soure would help removing the shadows.

I like the softened picture more as the shadows in the first shot are aggressive and don't really add value to the picture. However, I can see how both approach could be used creatively depending on the scenario. Knowing that, I also understand that in some situations it would be unaceptable having any kind of shadow and a diffuser is inevitable in some cases.

Exercise: Using flash

test few lighting conditions with flash

Exercise: Shiny surfaces

4-10 photos

1) shiny object you can see your face in it. Lay flat on the floor, photog from above. Simple background (black)
Light close to the camera

Take 1 photo for reference

Make cone with tracing paper, large end surrounding object, small end surrounding lens.

Take 2nd photo

Move light in different positions.

Try covering reflection by placing object in front.